ULTRA-MAX Non-Slip Sealer


With our range of penetrative sealers

ULTRA-MAX has been developed by Anti-Slip Safety Solutions to create a slip resistant coating that can be applied to stone, masonry and concrete. With the pre-treatment of Max-Grip it can also be used on some surfaces such as ceramic.

ULTRA-MAX incorporates aggregate with a premium clear acrylic sealer in a solvent solution. A low odour, Water Based 2 part polyurethane has also been developed

The slip resistance achieved with ULTRA-MAX varies due to the micron size of the aggregate used.

ULTRA-MAX Fine will achieve a slip rating that is classified as a R11.

ULTRA-MAX Coarse will achieve a slip rating that is classified as a R12 or greater.

Heavy traffic areas can be re-coated as required without stripping back the original coating.

Surfaces once coated with ULTRA-MAX should be maintained by using a mild detergent with a soft broom, then rinsed.